• Does Dr. Hooper provide primary care services?

    No. He is a consultant only. However, he can assist you in recommending a primary care physician in your area if you are without such a provider. Dr. Hooper will correspond with your primary care physician on a regular basis about your pulmonary problem(s).

  • Will Dr. Hooper admit me or follow me should I require hospitalization?

    Dr. Hooper is no longer seeing patients in the hospital at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla or Encinitas, California. He does discuss your case with the physicians involved at those hospitals and will be available to follow your pulmonary problem along with your primary care physician after discharge.

  • If I require a procedure, such as a bronchoscopy, to be performed, will Dr. Hooper perform such a procedure?

    Dr. Hooper would refer you to a colleague in your community who would perform what ever necessary procedure you would require. He would coordinate such testing to be performed and would follow you up with an office consultation to discuss how to proceed following such a test.

  • Does Dr. Hooper see patients referred from other hospital systems outside of Scripps Health?

    Yes. Many patients are seen at our office from outside of San Diego County but also within the community. Some of our patients are referred from Tri-City area or the Sharp Healthcare. Dr. Hooper is happy to see and evaluate any patient referred to our office. Dr. Hooper will work alongside of your primary care physician who may be located outside of the Scripps system.

  • Will Dr. Hooper see a patient without a referral?

    Patient’s are encouraged to have a medical referral from another physician or provider. However, if the patient’s insurance does not require a referral, then the patient can arrange a consultation. The patient should first check with their specific insurance provider to clarify what requirements may or may not exist. Patient’s seen without a referral, when required by their insurance company to have obtained a referral, will be held responsible for payment.

  • Is Dr. Hooper a provider in Scripps Coastal Medical Group's organization?

    Dr. Hooper is consultant approved to see patients referred from Scripps Coastal Medical Group. However, the patient may require a Prior Authorization before scheduling a visit. Patients are encouraged to clarify their individual situation before establishing an office visit or consultation.

  • Are there any particular health care records that are necessary for me to bring for my consultation?

    Patient’s seeing Dr. Hooper for the first time should bring in a document from the referring Doctor explaining what question is being asked of the consultant so that an optimal visit can occur. This would also involve bringing in medical records from any other related physician such as the Primary Care MD, other related medical specialists and, if previously seen by a different pulmonologist, those records would be greatly helpful in maximizing your experience. In addition, CT scans of the chest and/or chest X-rays  on a DVD disk are essential. Please do not bring in the reports but rather the actual films or studies so that Dr. Hooper can view them with the patient is very important. These studies can be requested from the radiology office where they were performed. Allow several days to have them created before picking up the DVD. Do not have the DVD sent to Dr. Hooper’s office. This can often result if delays assessing your medical issue.

  • Which insurances do you accept?

    -Blue Shield PPO
    -Blue Cross/Anthem PPO
    -Cigna PPO, Open Access, OAP
    -First Health/CCN/Coventry PPO and work comp
    -Health Net PPO
    -Humana/ChoiceCare PPO
    -Pacificare/United HealthCare PPO
    -Railroad Medicare
    -Scripps Health Plan Services
    -U.S. Department of Labor
    -Scripps Coastal Medical Group plans

    Dr. Hooper accepts Medicare, Medi-Medi (Medicare and MediCal) and most PPO plans. Dr. Hooper will see HMO patients but ONLY after the Patient has received a “Prior Authorization”.

    Patients without insurance, who are cash paying or have insurance not accepted by Dr. Hooper can be seen with special financial arrangements. Dr. Hooper does not accept MediCal patients. If you have insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s Insurance Exchange you will need to be assessed on an individual basis whether or not your insurance will be acceptable at RSMG

  • Questions about billing?

    Our offices do not handle billing questions. Please contact Practice Development Strategies at 691.757.2200 and ask to speak to the agent who is handling Rancho Sierra Medical Group’s billing issues.

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