Step 1: If you are a PPO patient, clarify with your Insurance Company if Dr. Hooper is a contracted provide. You may also check our Insurance Coverage page for which insurance plans we accept.
If you are an HMO patient, you will first need a “prior authorization” approved by your Primary Care Physician in order to obtain a consultation. You cannot be referred by another Specialist.  Before your consultation you will need to have received a letter from your HMO Insurance company stating that your consultation has been approved.
If you are a Medicare patient, simply call for a consultation. No referral is required.

Step 2: Call our office at 760.753.3424 for an appointment. Our staff will help you with any questions to make your experience a productive and positive experience.

Step 3: You will need to be prepared for your visit in order to get the most out of the consultation. Request a DVD copy of your CT scans of your chest or chest X-rays so that Dr. Hooper can review those with you during your initial consultation. If the scans are done at Scripps Hospital, those images will already be available for Dr. Hooper to review through Also, it is very informative to bring in your referring doctor’s notes or other consultants records for review. This would include any previously performed breathing tests, pertinent hospital records or laboratory blood work.

You will need to complete paperwork and your detailed medical history before your visit. It is extensive. Therefore, it is better to complete these details by visiting our website at [link].  Please remember to print your paperwork and bring it with you or email it to our office at Don’t leave home without it!

Step 4: Arrive early for your consultation. Valet parking is available at a nominal fee.  Scripps Hospital Encinitas is an active campus and can be rather busy. Plan accordingly. There is public parking  that is available free of charge on the Scripps campus. Remember that Interstate 5 can be rather overwhelming with traffic at certain times of day. Plan accordingly when scheduling your visit.