Vitamin D and heart disease

New examination of patient data has disclosed evidence suggesting that vitamin D levels may play a highly significant role in cardiovascular health. This was according to an article published in the American Journal of Cardiology (October 2010).
Jeffrey L. Anderson, M.D., of the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, and colleagues analyzed 41,504 patient records. Vitamin D levels were reviewed as well as heart conditions to see if there was an association.
The researchers found a 63.6 percent prevalence of ...

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Muscle cramps with statins

I am often asked by my patients what can be done, short of discontinuation of the medication, for cholesterol lowering statin drug induced muscle cramps. The cause seems to be related to impaired fat oxidation within the muscle’s mitochondria (the cell’s “furnace” for making energy for contraction).
I would suggest considering the following plan for my patients:
1. Try a fat restricted diet with a higher focus on high carbohydrate diet due to the problems with fatty acid oxidation
2. ...

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Dietary “pearls” to think about!

Trying to lower your LDL cholesterol? From Penn State comes a study which showed a 13% lowering of your bad cholesterol when two servings of pistachios are consumed per day. The thinking is the high content of “phytosterols” that are found in nuts that bind cholesterol in the gut.

It’s always better to focus on whole grain breads than refined white bread. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those individuals who ate mostly whole grains had 17% less abdominal ...

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Update on fish oils and omega-3′s

John Lee, MD in Mayo Clinical Proceedings (March 2008; 83: 324-332) demonstrated that there was a 19-45% reduction in cardiovascular events when examining three large studies covering more than 32,000 participants. This improvement was independent on whether the patients consumed natural fish containing omega-3 rich products or gel capsules. It was his recommendation that patients who have cardiovascular disease consume 1 Gm per day of fish oils (as combined docosahexaenoic acid [DHA] and eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA]) while patients who do ...

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Elevating HDL cholesterol

While we are able to experience excellent results with the application of various statin medications to lower the “bad” form of cholesterol (LDL), there has been less ability to raise the “good”form (HDL) with medications. High HDL levels most commonly occur with those individuals blessed by “good genetics”. Exercise can promote an elevation of HDL but often requires a serious commitment to a significant amount of exercise to truly experience the bump in HDL desired by most patients with a ...

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The Fish Oil Controversy


As we all know, fish oils have been met with great acceptance and encouragement. But, what do we know so far about their benefits? And what about the controversy surrounding their usage?


Fish oils have been praised for their ability to reduce heart events in patients known to have coronary artery disease, according to the American Heart Association. What is less clear is whether or not there is a benefit to individuals ...

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Lowering of LDL can impact coronary artery disease

ldl-levelsFrom Oxford University, published in online The Lancetthis November 8, 2010 is now reporting the following:
“Researchers say that each 1-mmol/L LDL cholesterol reduction reduces the risk of occlusive vascular events by about one-fifth, irrespective of baseline cholesterol concentration, which implies that a 2- to 3-mmol/L reduction would reduce risk by about 40% to 50%. The findings suggest that the primary goal for patients at high risk of occlusive vascular events should ...

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