Updated opinion on Vitamin D controversy

While on a recent trip I had the opportunity to read an article in the American Medical Athletic Association journal (Spring edition, 2014) written by Dr. Alan Roth, PhD.  Dr. Roth refers to studies and papers written by Dr. John J. Cannell, MD who is described as a “frontier of vitamin D research and is the executive of the Vitamin D Council”. While this article pertains mainly to athletes, I believe it is adaptable to the average citizen as well. ...

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Vitamin D and heart disease

New examination of patient data has disclosed evidence suggesting that vitamin D levels may play a highly significant role in cardiovascular health. This was according to an article published in the American Journal of Cardiology (October 2010).
Jeffrey L. Anderson, M.D., of the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, and colleagues analyzed 41,504 patient records. Vitamin D levels were reviewed as well as heart conditions to see if there was an association.
The researchers found a 63.6 percent prevalence of ...

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Vitamin D and your health

Vitamin D clearly is one of the most popular topics today in both the lay and medical community. There is an enormous amount of information coming available on a daily basis. Some new and exciting findings are being expressed while other points of view are controversial.

A few basic biochemical terms may be helpful in wading through the available text that one is being exposed to in the press. After vitamin D is ingested it is transported to the liver where ...

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